GD&T Training Solutions

What is a good design?

Good designs can place a company in a “Win-Win” situation by increasing quality whilst also reducing costs. Correctly toleranced components are essential in achieving this “Win-Win” situation. It has been estimated that the manufacturing industry wastes between 15% and 20% of production costs due to problems with technical product specifications. Geometrical Product Specification (GPS) aims to fully and unambiguously define products, GD&T is part of GPS.

Traditional, co-ordinate dimensioned drawings are faster to produce, but too often flawed and expensive. Geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing takes more time and thought, but the payoff for manufacturing can be huge.

GD&T when correctly applied will help improve quality and reduce cost, thus GD&T will provide this “Win-Win” situation.

Standard Courses

Course TitleDuration
GD&T Part 1 (BS 8888) – Fundamentals2 days
GD&T Part 2 (BS 8888) – Applying GD & T2 days
Study of existing part/drawingVaries
Management Overview – Tolerancing for Profit½ day
Bespoke GD&T TrainingVaries